PHOTO BOOST – 42 Photoshop Actions




Would you like to create better images and in just a small fraction of the time?
I sure do and this is why I created these Photoshop Actions. I use them myself and cannot do without.
It is so easy and quick to try a bunch of them and see which ones will give me the best results.
I love to combine a few actions together to create in just a few steps incredible photos!
The possibilities are as endless as your creativity!
Why labor more than you should?
Make photo editing easier and better with these Premium Photoshop Actions and you will never look back!

Right after your purchase, you will get access to the member area where you will be able to download your Photoshop Actions, and will also get access to 27 video tutorials showing you how I created the images on this page using these actions!

What Is Included?

42 Photoshop Actions

(Compatible With Photoshop CC or Newer)

HDR BooST Series
1. HDR BooST 1
2. HDR BooST 2
3. HDR BooST 3
4. HDR BooST 4
5. HDR BooST 5
6. HDR BooST 6
7. HDR BooST 7
8. HDR BooST 8
Painted BooST Series
9. Painted BooST
10. Drawing Look
Refine BooST Series
11. Skin Softening BooST
12. Eye BooST
13. Highlight BooST
14. Contrast BooST
15. Sharp & Smooth BooST
Color BooST Series
16. Face Toning BooST
17. Hot Sepia [Color Grade]
18. Sepia [Color Grade]
19. Cool Sepia [Color Grade]
20. Sepia Green [Color Grade]
21. Cool Sepia [Color Grade]
22. Sepia Light [Color Grade]
23. Vanilla Glow [Color Grade]
24. Cool Cream [Color Grade]
25. Cool Cream 2 [Color Grade]
26. Cool Cream 3 [Color Grade]
27. Cool Cream 4 [Color Grade]
28. Blue Purple [Color Grade]
29. Brown Purple [Color Grade]
30. Blue Brown Purple [Color Grade]
31. Blue Pink [Color Grade]
32. Blue Pink 2 [Color Grade]
33. Purple Beige [Color Grade]
34. Aqua Beige [Color Grade]
35. Beige Cream [Color Grade]
365. Background BooST Fire
37. Background BooST Ice
38. Background BooST Yellow
39. Background BooST Blue
40. Color BooST 1
41. Color BooST 2
42. Color BooST 3


27 Video Tutorials

Easy Tutorials Recreating All The Images on this Page & More!